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This page is primarily about me and a few of the people
that make me who I am today


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This is me on the right and on the left is a picture of my girlfriend Shevonne
need i say more? cause sometimes she leaves me speechless (lol)

My name is Michael Evans Phillips. There are five members in my family and i am the last

one (the baby). Can you recognize me in the picture below?


My family and I are from Trinidad and Tobago. T & T is the most beautiful island I know

because I haven't been to much places.

Below is a picture of my national flag


I can't talk about me without talking about where I live

The picture on the left is the house I used to live in 7 years ago. I also used to live in the

dorm for the first two years of my college life.

I live elsewhere now the picture of my new house is on the right.


This is me and some of my friends and family when I went to St. Vincent

Me and my sisters singing

Me and my sister Charlene!

My most recent picture is in the Honours' Convocation in which I was Recognized for being
on the Deans list (Grade Point average of 3.50-3.75)
I am the only one in the left front of the picture with my hand on my chest
(It would have been real hard to identify me in this crowd!)






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