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For an improved system for a hardware appliance store we recommend that:

The company would have discounts available to customers for efficient service
  and allow customers to purchase more.

Online shopping can be done where the catalog will be placed on the Internet, with pictures of all items,   so that customers can have better access to the items that are available for purchase.

The creation of additional reports can be another asset to the company such as order reports which   gives a report of all the products that are ordered by the customers be it daily or weekly.

Another report can be customer reports, which gives a report of the customer information along with   the products that they ordered. This would be of benefit to the company so that they will be able to   know about the overall status of the company and can make better decisions in improving the company.

Have a damaged goods file so that information can be collected at a faster pace in order to return   goods to customers and for the business to recieve returned goods from the supllier.




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