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Chapter Assignment

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Automata Inc. produces specialty vehicles by contract.
The company operates several departments, each of which produces a particular vehicle,
such as a limousine, a truck, a van or an RV. When a new vehicle is built,
the department places an order with the purchasing department
to request specific components. Automata’s purchasing department is interested
in creating a database to keep track of orders and to accelerate the process of delivering materials.


Question 1
Identify all the main entities?










Question 2
Identify all the relations and connectivities among entities?


Question 3
Identify the type of existence dependency in all relations?


Question 4
Give some examples of the types of reports
that can be obtained from the database?

Inventory Report: report showing all the items that are in the inventory and those that are not.
    This report Should have information like Inv_Code(Primary key), Inv_Name, Inv_Description,
    Supp_Code (As a foreign key) and Inv_Amt.

Vehicle Report: report showing the amount of vehicles produced in the company by all
    departments for the month. This Report should have information like Veh_Code, Veh_Dep,
    Veh_Name, Veh_Des, Cus_Num (Foreign Key), Sup_Num (Foreign key).

Item Report: report of all items to be ordered from the suppliers. This report should have
    information like Item_Num, Item_Name, Item_Amt, Order_Num (Foreign key), Sup_Code (Foreign key).

Department Report showing all the vehicles Each department produced. This would contain
    Individual reports example Car Report, Truck Report,Limousine Report, etc.

Order Report: report of the orders to purchasing department with the various items.
    This would contain Order_Num, Item_Num (from item table), Date_Ordered, Date_Rec, Sup_Num.



In Conclusion, Automata’s Inc. databases focuses on the purchasing department.
They would keep track of all orders made to them, and an inventory which will house the items
that are in an out of stock. They would also like to make sure that the items
that are mostly used are delivered on time for the efficient building
of the vehicles of the various departments.

This assignment focuses on entity relationships in database design.
ER diagrams support the layout of the entities and relations
and gives you a graphical representation of your data model.
When entities are related, they can be accessed faster and your database is more efficent
and you get better results from ad hoc queries. ER Modeling is very important in Database design.


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