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Our project deals with the creation of a system for a Home Appliance Store.
This project is being completed by Cathy Murray and Michael Phillips.
Our task was to visit analyzed places that sell home appliance so as to get an
idea of the processes that are carried out there by using the most effective
way to acquire information (e.g. interviews, questionnaires, observation)
and state any problems in acquiring that information if you have any
problems. Following this, when we fully understand the information,
we are to construct Data Flow diagrams for the three systems
and then combine those three DFD’s in addition to what you desire the system
to be and construct a proposed system. This proposed system should have
its own tables, which would be represented in a data dictionary and a
Entity Relationship Diagram. The following pages attempt to fulfill these requirements
in the best way possible. We used three companies to accomplish our tasks:
Stellar Distributors Ltd., Home Comfort Ltd. and Standards Distributors Ltd.


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